taking over the world one day at a time (bispo) wrote in obama_ca,
taking over the world one day at a time

California gives most to Obama camp

OS ANGELES — When Barack Obama shattered records with a $150 million windfall in contributions for September, his campaign took great pains to point out that the average donation came out to well under $100. But here’s an asterisk:

The Obama Victory Fund — which takes in high-dollar checks divvied between the campaign and the Democratic National Committee — raised $69 million last month, with more than half of the donations coming from people giving over $4,600 and nearly a quarter from donors contributing $28,500 or more, according to campaign fundraising reports.

In California, where much of this cash haul was generated, a team of widely disparate personalities coordinates Obama’s fundraising activity. A TV cartoon executive, the daughter of a soul music giant, the head of a Silicon Valley law firm, a former Clinton justice department official and a gay couple who call Southern California the “pot of gold” form the nucleus of his west coast money-raising group, which so far has amassed tens of millions for the campaign – including $16 million in the last month alone, according to the Los Angeles Times.
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