just a girl who's trying to turn off the buzz (greencow) wrote in obama_ca,
just a girl who's trying to turn off the buzz


last night's event was a success. we had a good turn-out and you could feel the positive energy that we were all hoping for. i was asked several times if we had had any other events before this one, and were very surprised when i said "no". i saw many people who i had met early on along the campaign trail, and i met some new people who i look forward to seeing again. i feel inspired and empowered and am truly honoured to be working with such a beautiful group of people. i especially feel inspired by those young voters who recently turned 18 and are on the threshold of helping us put a man this country needs into the White House. you guys truly are our future and i am so honoured to have you on our team.

we still need to continue the momentum and not stop until we see Barack Obama elected as our next president of these united states of america. but for right now, today, i will take a deep breath and revel in the successes of our event.
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